Speciality Beer Tasting Business – Contractor Escapes IR35 to Set One Up

Speciality Beer Tasting Parties
Speciality Beer Tasting Parties

Speciality Beer Tasting Business

A contractor decided to set up a speciality beer tasting business. It’s great to hear stories like Jez Lanb’s. I know from previous stories that contractors love to hear tales like this.

So, when I saw this connection request which said “I’ve traded in the safety net of a 24 year career in IT to create my own business dealing in ‘specialty’ beer tasting packs,” I thought I must find out some more. So, I took up his connection request and asked him for more details.

Jez is also doing some consultancy work as a contractor to give himself an each way bet.

Questions on Speciality Beer Tasting Business

  1. Who is this contractor and what is his business?
  2. How does Speciality Beer Tasting Parties work?
  3. How Does the Contractor Make Money from Speciality Beer Tasting Parties?
  4. How Far Advanced is the Contractor’s Beer Tasting Business Idea?
  5. Does Jez have any competitors in the beer tasting party market?
  6. How can I find out more about the Specialist Beer Tasting Parties?

Who is this contractor and what is his business

His name is Jez Lamb and he calls himself a Speciality Beer Advocate. Having Speciality Beer Tastings was something he had done previously more for fun than anything else. They were always popular.

But one day he decided that he wanted to give something else a good go. He wanted to see if he could make a business out of Speciality Beer Tasting nights.

How do Speciality Beer Tasting Parties work

The idea is that he sends out packs of speciality beers to beer tasting parties.

These beers are not readily available in the UK. Said Jez “If I see a type of beer in a supermarket I immediately exclude this beer from my range. It’s niche beers I select”.

He is able to get hold of these beers from both the breweries and distributors. The idea of the Speciality Beer Tasting parties is that a bottle of speciality beer is split between four people. It is a beer tasting party after all.

They then continue onto the next beer Those present can score the beers under a number of categories.

How Does the Contractor Make Money from Speciality Beer Tasting Parties

So, where does Jez make his money? Firstly he makes it from selling the speciality beer packages to whoever is running the party.

Secondly if people like a speciality beer he can get repeat orders from those who attended the beer tasting party.

He is also starting in the corporate market and is looking for more corporate contracts as they are quite lucrative. Some companies are interested in having a Speciality Beer Tasting party rather than the traditional office party. Jez is working hard on this on the run up to Christmas.

How Far Advanced is the Contractor’s Business Idea

Said Jez “It is very early stages and I am not close to getting the kind of income I got from IT. However, the business is growing nicely. I just had to give it a go. I enjoyed my time in IT but I just ad to give this a go. I would hate to look back in future years wondering if it would have worked.”

He said he still does a little part time IT Consultancy to keep him in funds till the business really starts rolling. It also keeps his hand in as he enjoys working in IT and Telecoms.

The beer business should also help keep him outside IR35 for his consultancy work

Jez finished by saying “If it all goes belly up, I’ve still got the beer”.

Does Jez have any competitors in the beer tasting party market

I asked Jez “Does anyone else do this?” It seems that no one else does it currently. There are other companies that you can buy packs of specialist beers from.

However, there are none, currently, who have the added value of speciality beer tasting parties. Currently Jez is trying to increase his database of those who want to run there parties to get ahead of anyone else who wants to get into this market.

It’s early days, but Jez is having a lot of fun

How can I find out more about the Specialist Beer Tasting Parties

If you want to find out more click on his website Book Beer Tasting or email Jez at [email protected]

It’s good to help a fellow contractor who is trying to escape IT and IR35. So, pass this article, or his website address, on to help his business grow. You may be doing whoever you send it to a favour too.

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