Hopeless Contractors – Some Contractors a complete waste of time

Hopeless Contractors
Hopeless Contractors

Hopeless Contractors

This article, about hopeless contractors, was posted on Aussie site www.Brainbox.com.au in response to an article of ours ‘Ten Reasons Why Contractors are a Waste of Time – A Project Manager’ that they published on their site.

Interesting Article

As a contractor myself, I found this article really interesting.

Whilst I agree with some points and disagree with others, I can certainly say there are SOME contractors that are a waste of time.

We have a couple of contractors currently that I would consider in such a category.

One, arrives at 8am and spends until 9am browsing the internet.

Then in their half an hour lunch break spends between one and one and a half hours browsing the internet again.

Phone Calls

They make and receive numerous phone calls during the day. Anyone in the office can hear very one of them.

The other spends most of their day browsing the internet and doing part time study assignments. They think that by typing their assignments into an email that no-one suspects.

Little does the contractor realise that everyone knows, from fellow contractors, team leaders, project managers to directors.

Unfortunate Consequences

Unfortunately the consequences for these contractors is the same as I’ve seen elsewhere.

It is nothing.

That’s except for the fact that the contract is not renewed. They go onto the next contract, therefore, doing the same stuff.

It’s the same for the next one, and the one after this.

These hopeless contractors, therefore, are the type of people that give contractors the bad reputation. Until management take some responsibility to terminate contracts due to poor productivity, we’ll never see an end to this.

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