Software Engineer Cougar hunted men she worked with

Software Engineer Cougar
Software Engineer Cougar

Software Engineer Cougar

A software engineer cougar in an IT department has been jailed.

Cambridge graduate, Jeevani Wickramaratna, aged 44, has been jailed for sexual harassment after spreading lies and rumours about male colleagues.

First up was fellow worker Paul Stokes.

She became infatuated with him after he offered her a piece of birthday cake.

She said he was having an affair with her, calling herself the office cougar and sent sexually explicit messages which upset his family.

Sending Texts

She sent him texts saying she would set him free and told his family that he loved her and about their ‘affair‘.

She also sent a false accusation via FaceBook that he had HIV.

The court heard that the ‘affair‘ was wholly made up and had put Paul Stokes and his wife through hell.

He said ‘The hurtful stories she concocted from her deranged imagination became more and more aggressive. They led me to fear for the safety of my wife and children.‘

It seems that the police contacted her telling her not to contact Paul but she replied with explicit details of their affair‘.

Shepton Mallett

She then departed the electronics company in Porstmouth where she worked with Paul and moved to Shepton Mallett to work for a communications firm there.

She then started making accusations against a new colleague, Pir Khan, there before reporting him to firm‘s owner Kazeem Benzair.

Pir got a message from her asking him to stop making ‘uncomfortable gestures towards her‘.

He said he didn‘t know what she was referring to.

He then got a number of abusive messages. She told police came from her boyfriend Jeremy, whom police were never able to prove even existed.

Workplace Harassment

She then reported Pir for harassment to Mt Benzair and both of them were put on gardening leave.

During the investigation she sent 107 abusive emails to Mt Benzair. This was despite his wife, who was seriously ill at the time, asking her to stop.

It cost him 9 grand in solicitors‘ fees and his wife‘s health deteriorated.

They had to change their telephone number and he couldn‘t sleep for weeks.

Six Months in Jail

Wickramaratna was jailed for 6 months at South Somerset Magistrates Court.

Said the judge ‘Pir Khan was subjected to your wicked lies which were so deplorable that he was suspended for something he had not done.

‘Kazeem Benzair was damaged commercially and all this happened while his wife was seriously and possibly terminally ill.

‘You persisted on sending people emails even after being warned by the police and have shown no remorse, empathy or regret.

‘You live in a complete fantasy world. It is eminently clear that you are completely incapable of telling the truth.‘

So, if there is a software engineer cougar in your office you know what to do now.