So the PCG WERE duped by Conservatives over IR35


PCG Were Duped

It looks as thoughthe PCG were duped by the Conservatives over IR35.

The PCG are disappointed that the Conservatives didn‘t abolish IR35 when they came to power.

They were further disappointed when the Chancellor said in his last budget that they would STRENTHEN IR35 and hire 36 new compliance Officers to chase contractors for IR35.

That must have been a bit of a blow to the PCG.

They must have been even more surprised when the IR35 Business Entity Tests that the PCG had created for HMRC was turned into a weapon by them to be used to scare virtually every contractor into thinking that they are caught by IR35.

Told Them

We told them that this would happen in 2003 and that they were being duped.

See here Contractor Group being duped by Conservatives over IR35

In the end they didn‘t even bother abolishing it.

Duped by the Conservatives

They had told the PCG that they would ‘look at‘ IR35again if they won the election and the PCG rushed out a Press Release just before the last election with news of this ‘˜coup‘.

The Conservatives were as good as their promise.

They did ‘˜look at‘ IR35 again and decided to keep it with the main reason being that many contractors would leave Umbrella Companies and set up Personal Service Companies which they saw as a bad thing.


Not only that but, as we said above, they pledged to strengthen IR35.

PCG Expectations

Did the PCG expect this when they were cosying up to them?

Could they not see through the nods and winks of the Conservatives as we did in 2003 and beyond?

One would hope that the blinkers have been taken off now as far as the Conservative party is concerned.

They took the PCG for mugs – and it wasn‘t very easy to do at all.

The PCG were duped by the Conservatives.