Six things you should know about IT Contractors by an Agent

Greedy IT Contractors - know about IT Contractors
Greedy IT Contractors according to an agent - know about IT Contractors

Know About IT Contractors

This article, about things you should know about IT Contractors, was posted as Comments after one of our articles. The comments, therefore, are Jill’s own and do not reflect the views of this website.

It’s important, however, to hear the opinions of other people though, especially those who are in our industry but on the ‘other side’.

Left the IT Contractor Market

I have been an IT agent for the last 2 years and have left the IT contractor market. So, here are a few things you should know about IT contractors:

1. They lie about their current rates.

2. They tell you what rate they are looking for, forget that you’ve called them, and quote you another completely different rate the next week!

3. They lie about the fact that they might have had other offers on the table before you put them forward to a role and then don’t turn up for your interview if the offer does come through! They may not even call you before planning on not turning up for an interview you might have worked hard to achieve for them.

4. Frankly they are quite rude to talk to

5. All they care about is money and what rate you can get them. They don’t care about the role, the company, or the people they’ll be working with

6. IT contractors are thankless individuals that only care about themselves and their rates

So, I don’t want to deal with crabby, complaining, money grabbing individuals and I will NEVER work in the IT contractor industry again!


IT Contractor Comment

That’s quite a strong statement Jill. I’m sure that freelancers would say the there are good reasons why they are cautions of IT Recruitment Companies and the recruiters who work for them.

If anyone wants to respond to Jill’s article “What you should know about IT Contractors”, please do so in the Comments section immediately below this article.

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