Contract Job Board Adverts – 6 Examples of them that get right up my nose

Contract Job Board Adverts
Contract Job Board Adverts

Contract Job Board Adverts

What annoys you about contract job board adverts? One of our readers gives six common examples of contract job ads that annoy him

“The successful candidate will have at least 2-3 years experience.”

Well, make your mind up. Is two years’ experience enough, or do I need
at least three?

“In depth experience in all of the following:”,

followed by an exhaustive list (Windows NT, SQL Server, Linux, C++, Exchange, Oracle).

Come on, guys, do you really believe that there IS anyone with “in depth” experience in such a wide range of skills?

Ridiculous rates

“five years’ experience as help desk manager, in-depth networking, Exchange and MS SQL Server skills, fluent French and Dutch, £10/hour”.

“Market rates”.

Well, guys, you’re working in the market all day, every day, so why not put what the rate actually is?

“Rate: negotiable”.

Enough said. The more honest ones put “Neg”, which I’ve always assumed stands for “Negligible”. When discussing rates: “Well, the client hasn’t really determined a rate for this role.” No, of course they haven’t. They’ve called the agency and asked for a XYZ expert, but haven’t discussed rates at all. They have a limitless budget, presumably.

English Language

It constantly amazes me that many posters of jobs appear to lack the ability to either express themselves clearly or to proofread what they have written. If their clients read Jobserve or CWJobs (or other sites) then would they be so sloppy and careless. Some adverts are almost unintelligible.

That’s when they are not posting fake contract job ads.

Perhaps you may know some other contract job board adverts that get right up your nose too.

If so, put them in the comments section below.

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