Workaholic Contractors – Signs you are one. Beware

Workaholic Contractors in IT
Workaholic Contractors in IT - how to beat it

Workaholic Contractors

This story about workaholic contractors first appeared in Aussie contractor site

Hidden Menace

While unemployed professionals grab the headlines, there’s another hidden menace in the IT professional’s world – long hours.

Key Signs of a Workaholic Contractor

She identifies the key signs of workaholism as:
-Are usually in a hurry
-Have a strong need to control
-Expect perfection of themselves and others
-Have difficulty in relationships
-Cannot relax and have fun
-Are impatient and irritable
-Suffer physical problems due to stress, poor eating habits and lack of exercise.
-Often do several things at once, (i.e. eat breakfast while listening to voice mail)

IT Contracting nightmare
An IT Contracting Nightmare

Demanding Managers Create Workaholic Contractors

What she doesn’t mention is that many people are pushed into workaholism by demanding management. Support and admin people are often on call 24/7 and it’s not unusual for them to do 60 hour weeks or more.

I know people who are paid a paltry $20 on top of their normal salary for giving up a Saturday or Sunday for work. Not by a small business, but one of the country’s richest banks.

Threat of termination is often used as a weapon, particularly against inexperienced workers. The expectation to give your all to the company, with little in the way of reward or praise, is all part of the job on many sites.

Management Bullying IT Contractors

Of course, there will always be professionals out there afraid to take advantage of their new-found power. While a little dramatic, the old expression “evil can thrive when good men do nothing” has some relevance here.

Companies will only treat their workers badly if they think they can get away with it.

Of course, there’s another type of workaholic who is self-driven through ambition. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve, but try to remember the importance of having a life outside work.

Stress in the Workplace
Stress in the Workplace for a contractor

How to Regain Control from being a Workaholic Contractor

Mary Ann offers advice to these people for regaining control of their lives:
-Reorganise your life so work becomes proportionate to family, friends and yourself; switch your focus to relaxation, exercise, and proper and balanced nutrition
-Slow your work pace
-Learn to eat, drink, walk and drive slower
-Work in moderation; keep regular hours.
-Set boundaries between work and
personal life
-Strengthen family ties through sharing activities and developing traditions
-Renew old acquaintances
-Learn to live in the present- stop and smell the roses

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