Sick Days – Contractors Rarely Take Time Off Sick – New Survey

Sick Days
Sick Days

Sick Days for Contractors

According to a the latest info from Contracting Scout’s Contractor Confidence Survey, contractor don’t take sick days much. Or at least they don’t take much time off sick.

Indeed, more than half of contractors (53%) haven’t had a day off sick in the last two years.

One would like to have large wager that this would not be true of your permie collleagues.

Never Had a Sick Day

Indeed, astonishigly, 31% of contractors have never had a sick day ever. That’s at least in their contracting careers anyway.

I wonder what the equivalent figure would be with permies.

So, is there something in contracting that keeps people healthy?

It’s more out of necessity really.

Contractors Keep Working When Sick

Indeed, only one-in-eight (13%) of contractors actually stop working when they are sick.

52% of them will continue to work when mildy unwell.

Astonishingly, 35% of contractors would keep coming in to work unless they really were at death’s door.

I wonder what the figure for that would be amongst our permanent colleagues.

I think that you could round that down to pretty much zero.

Reliable Part of the Workforce

Said Will Ryles, Head Contractor Recruiter at Contracting Scout:-

“Contractors are a very reliable part of the workforce, with the majority carrying on with projects unless they’re very sick.

“There is of course a financial incentive for them to do so as they do not receive sick pay. However, this also shows that if you want something done on time, contractors can be an excellent option.”

One hopes that the Government get to hear of this when they are planning their next assault on contractors. You should tell cients too.

Sustained Attack on Contractors by the Government

Said Will, “It’s unfortunate that contractors seem under sustained attack by the government as it looks to remove many of the aspects that make contracting appealing, such as tax incentives, without offering anything in return.”

How very true. One would think that Governments would cherish a profession like this.

However, they never do. They just see them as tax avoiders.

They want to tax them as if they are permanent employees. However, they only see them as disguised employees for tax purposes.

They never see them as employees when there are any of the perks that permies get going.

It’s extremely unfair.

Contractor Pensions and Insurance

If you are one of the 25% (or even if you feel you need a safety net) you might want to look at All the Insurance a Contractor Will Need

It would be worth considering Specialist Contractor Pensions too.

That takes a bit of the fear out of it. The insurance doesn’t cost that much but most contractors don’t bother with it. But many wish they had.



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