Double Paid – Should I tell agency they’ve double paid me

Double Paid by agency
Double Paid by agency

Double Paid Contractor

So, what would you do if your agency accidentally double paid you for the same invoice and same peiod of work?

Thi has happened to a contractor who asks our advice.

This was posted as comments after one of our articles.

Overpaid Me

My agency has overpaid me two weeks money.

I took an advance on December’s payment for half the amount and arranged to have the balance paid out in Jan.

As I was taking the end of the month off, I had December’s timesheet signed and submitted early.

Well this week I got am email from a new guy at the agency complaining that I haven’t sent in December’s timesheet yet.

So I forwarded him the email exchange from last month, draw his attention to the advance that has already been paid, and ask him when the balance will be in my account.

Ignored My Questions

Naturally he completely ignored my questions and went straight to the one thing he understands: The attached timesheet.

Happy, the berk then went and paid out the full amount.

What’s more, his colleague who arranged the advance no longer works at the agency.

Since there is zero chance of anybody in the agency every reading that email I sent, the question is should I tell them or just pocket the money?

IT Contractor Comment

We have refrained from giving advice here to this contractor.

We thought we would leave it, therefore, to our readers.

What do you think? More, importantly, what would you do in his circumstance?