Should UK Ban Facial Recognition like San Francisco Has Done

Fourth Technology Wave
Fourth Technology Wave

Should UK Ban Facial Recognition

San Francisco is going to ban the use of facial recognition so should the UK ban facial recognition too? What is facial recognition? Facial recognition is when companies or organizations use technology to recognize your face. Among those to use it are companies who want to sell to you and the police.

One of the big problems with facial recognition, at the moment, is that it is not very accurate.

It is especially error prone when trying to recognize women or people with darker skins. So, it looks as if even facial recognition technology discriminates too.

Advantages to Facial Recognition

Of course there are advantages to using facial recognition. It is harder for criminals to get away with it now with all those cameras all over the place. Your whereabouts are also traceable via your mobile phone. Now technology will be able to keep tabs on you via recognition of your face.

Hinders Detection of Crime

People who oppose San Francisco’s new legislation say that it increases people’s risks and hinders the detection of crime and criminals.

Even though the technology is a bit hit and miss at the moment, it will improve in the future. When you walk into your local pub in the future, the technology will recognize you and greet you. “Hello John Smith, your usual?” it may say before automatically pouring you a pint of your favourite beer.

Companies Using Facial Recognition to Sell

Companies can use it to sell to you. Already, via the card in your pocket, the technology can recognize you and change the advertising, as you approach your local Tesco’s to a product you have bought in the past or that it works out you might want now.

Big Brother is Watching You

George Orwell probably made a grave mistake when he wrote his book 1984 in 1948 about Big Brother. When 1984 came around and it hadn’t happened people dismissed the book.

He would have been better to call it 2048 as a lot of what he predicted is now in place or coming into place.

Civil Rights Groups in Favour

Civil rights groups have praised the legislation.

“With this vote, San Francisco has declared that face surveillance technology is incompatible with a healthy democracy and that residents deserve a voice in decisions about high-tech surveillance,” said Matt Cagle from the American Civil Liberties Union in Northern California.

“We applaud the city for listening to the community, and leading the way forward with this crucial legislation. Other cities should take note and set up similar safeguards to protect people’s safety and civil rights.”

Should the UK Ban Facial Recognition In Its Cities?

So, what do you think? Should the UK ban facial recognition? Is facial recognition a good thing if it catches criminals and cuts down crime? Or does it impinge on people’s civil liberties? Do you mind being watched more if there is less crime? Let’s hear what you have to say – as this will become a more important issue.

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