Robot Recruiter Interviews IT Development Manager Candidates

Types of Interviewer
Types of Interviewer IT Contractors have to please

Robot Recruiter Interviews Candidates

At one company a robot recruiter interviews all the candidates for job posts. It has all of our good qualities and none of our bad qualities while interviewing. It doesn’t discriminate by gender or race and it doesn’t select those candidates with similar interests to the interviewer.

No Discrimination in Robot Recruiter Interviews

Indeed it doesn’t select candidates whom the interviewer likes. They say most interviews are passed or failed in the first 2 minutes – or even first 30 seconds. Not in robot recruiter interviews where information is gathered throughout the interview, assimilated and results presented to management.

Humans Make Final Recruitment Choice

The robot recruiter doesn’t actually make the final choice itself – although that could come. It makes a report to management on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, with recommendations – and the humans take over then.

According to the manager of the firm using the recruitment robot in Sweden, it is important for the company to have an interview process that s free from prejudice. Robots are not prejudiced. Robot recruiter interviews could become all the rage.

The robot interview can smile, wink and nod. It can reassure candidates who are nervous. It can tell them to take their time.

Robot Recruiter asks Same Questions

It asks all candidates the same questions in the same order. However, it can ask follow questions resulting from those answers.

Most job candidates feel a bit strange talking to a robot for the first five minutes or so – but then get used to it.

The robot recruiter interviews for an IT Development Manager started last week. Humans, however, will still make the final decision – for now.

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