Unemployed Contractor – Remember me? I am still out of work

Unemployed Contractor still out of work
Unemployed Contractor still out of work

Unemployed Contractor

An unemployed contractor tells his story.

Remember me?

I am still out of and despite having 20 years IT experience and a Degree still cannot find any sort of Office/IT job.

First BANE of my life is the overqualified /underqualified excuse. If I have
applied for a job which I could do no problem at all e.g. ICT Tech local school
why do they give it to this youngster with hardly any IT experience??

I have been out of work over a year now and have had over 30 interviews and been
turned down on all of them. These managers in their 20’s and 30’s they do not
want someone in their 40’s like me.

Took Age Off My CV

I have taken my date of birth of my CV and guess what I am getting a bit more
interest from Agencies and Employers.

Hmmmm Strange.

If an agency now asks me my age, I try to trap them in their own loop by saying
it is irrelevant how old I am unless of course the IT industry is AGEIST.

Oh of course it is not they say, so I say to them then how old I am is irrelevant.

These employers take on these youngsters and guess what they are the ones who
flit from job to job as they have no responsibilties whereas me who had a family
to support I tell the employers that the next job I get I will stick at because
I have responsibilities.

All these 30 interviews I have had have come from jobs in the local paper I
think only one interview has been from a local agency.

The last job I was in Lightsout Computing, an IT company.

Guess what they tell me sorry you are overqualified for the job as they only really wanted call logging staff not IT staff.

MCSE Qualifications

Another BANE of my life is the MCSE qualification, as I have been using
Win2K/NT3.51/4/5 ever since they came out and have a Degree in IT, but guess what I cannot even get an interview with these companies as I am not MCSE qualified!!

I AM OUT OF WORK! How the hell am I supposed to get an MCSE when it costs a small fortune even for one exam. The Job Centre will only pay £300 towards my qualifications.

So what do I do just take any job e.g. Bus driver or do I wait for that IT/Office job?

Living proof that that the IT industry is ageist!!
Kevin J. Salter

Unemployed Contractor

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