Contract Interview Rejection Reasons – Why I’ve been rejected at interview

Contract Interview Rejection Reasons
Contract Interview Rejection Reasons

Contract Interview Rejection Reasons

There are some very strange contract interview rejection reasons which agencies and clients give to you. Then there are the real reasons why you have been rejected for interview. I will explain what they are here.

Contract Interview Rejection Reasons is by reader Lumious in reply to our article Why You Got Rejected for an Interview.

Good grief, I could fill a book with the drivel I have been through on on this topic.

Also, I’d love to know the real reasons my CV gets rejected even before interview.

1. You will not be happy.
2. You are too technical.
3. You have no experience of X (where X was not a requirement, therefore not discussed, but yes I have X in abundance).
4. There were other people better than you.

Experience a Liability

There are times where 4 has turned out to be

a) people with no other attributes than the ones requested.
b) people who had the same attributes but had not taken time off to do something they wanted, like run a business.
c) people who were less capable and therefore less threatening.

Successful Career Behind Me

I have a copious, diverse and demonstrably successful career which I can assure the readers is a complete liability in today’s market.

I wsih someone could tell me the secrets of interview success.

That would be useful, I can tell you.

It seems the IT contractor market is becoming much more specialized.

IT Contractor Comment – Contract Interview Rejection Reasons

The excuses that agencies and clients give for not taking on particular contractors are perverse at the very least.

The favourite “you have too much experience for this job” is one that especially older contractors dislike.

What about readers out there? Do agencies or clients give you strange reasons for rejecting you at for contracts after you did a good interview?

Can you add to the contract interview rejection reasons both in our original article and in this one?

If you can add to them put your comments in the section below please.

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