RBS to Cut Contract Jobs (230) and Permanent IT Jobs (650)

Cut Contract Jobs
Cut Contract Jobs

Cut Contract Jobs

RBS have announced that they are going to cut contract jobs, once more, in their IT department.

They are going to cut 850 IT jobs in total.

This splits into 650 permanent jobs and a further 230 contract jobs.

In recent years RBS have cut the number of people they employ from 200,000 to just 75%.

Major Profits

They recently reported a profit for the first 6 months of the year of almost a billion pounds.

They are seeking to make £2bn worth of savings in the next few years.

Anyone who goes into a branch of any bank nowadays knows the lengths that banks are going to in order to get as many of their customers as possible to go to internet banking.

Then the banks can get rid of more and more of their people and close more and more of their branches.

Charging Customers for Doing the Work Themselves

It’s a bit of a joke that internet banking customers do the work of bank staff. However, if it is a company account, they will get charged a quarterly fee by the banks to be able to do so.

The banks are effectively forcing limited company owners to pay a fee for using their software.

They’ll say “It costs us money to build that software”.

However, they are alreay making savings as it helps them get rid of staff – which is the main point of them creating the software.

Extra Fee

It’s a bit like Argos charging you the cost of an item and then adding an extra fee for the use of their software when ordering it.

It’s ridiculous!

The banks don’t seem to have got any better since the taxpayers had to bail them out a few years back.

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