Flexible Hours – Questions Contractors Must Ask at Interview

Interview Questions Contractors Should Ask - Flexible Hours
Interview Questions Contractors Should Ask - Flexible Hours

Questions you should ask at interview – Flexible Hours

Will it be a flexible hours contract?

Flexible Hours Contract

One question that you should always ask at interview is how flexible the hours are.

They may be a rigid nine-to-five.

They may be a flexible ‘you do eight hours, with an hour for lunch, any time between 8am and 6pm’.

Ask at Interview
Questions an IT Contractors should Ask at Interview

That‘s better.

Function Point Analysis

Even better still is ‘as long as you get the work done we‘re fairly flexible on hours’.

Of course, that then depends on the estimates for the work so it would be worth asking if they use any method, like Function Point Analysis, for estimating the work.

There is another side to ‘as long as the work gets done’ which is you have to stay longer hours to do it.

Extra Work Outside Hours

However, it gives you the option, say, if you had along train journey there and back to be able to do some of the work (at least preparatory work) on the train rather than reading the paper to test how flexible they are.

successful interviews for contractors
Successful Interviews for contractors

Make sure you let them know that you are doing extra work outside hours.

Even if you can‘t claim for it, if you get your work done ahead of schedule you can test what they said at the interview about being fairly flexible as long as the work gets done.

You can say that you took them at their word.

It is nice to work at a place where they are flexible but make sure that the benefits of their flexibility are yours as well as theirs.

Too many contractors have found ‘flexibility‘ to be a one way street.

Ask the Question at Interview

So, make sure that you have nailed this one down at interview.

You don’t want any surprises when you start.

This, along with the others in other articles in the series, are questions you should definitely ask at interview for a contract.

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