Public Sector Umbrella

Public Sector Umbrella
Public Sector Umbrella

Public Sector Umbrella Company

Public Sector Umbrella is specifically for contractors who work in the public sector. Many contractors are not able to use their personal service companies any more.

Some of them cannot use them any more because they have failed the IR35 Employment Status test created by HMRC.

Others because some Government departments no longer accept contractors who operate through personal service companies.

So, they have the choice of either their agencies removing tax and national insurance fom their income or joining an umbrella company.

Joining an Umbrella Company

It is usually financially better, therefore, to join an umbrella company.

With most umbrella companeis the difference is only marginal.

However, there are some where contractors can retain a little more of the money they earn.

One such company is Public Sector Umbrella.

It takes into account all the IR35 regulations and the new Government guidelines in the public sector.

Advantages of Using Public Sector Umbrella Company

So what are the advantages of Public Sector Umbrella:-

  1. It is tailored to those who work in the public sector and the unique factors which affect those that work there.
  2. It takes into account recent Government rules on IR35 afffecting contractors who work for the Government or local authorities or Government companies.
  3. Because it is tailored to public sector workers specifically, it can let them keep a bit more of their money than a normal ‘fits everyone’ PAYE umbrella company.
  4. IT is IR35 compliant – contractors need have no worries on that score.
  5. There is no minimum contract period and there are no charges to leave. They are confident that you will not want to leave once you have used them
  6. You can keep your own limited company. There’s no need to close it down
  7. All you need to do is provide them with timesheets and they do the rest. They invoice the client.
  8. All you need to do is fill in a short application form. They can start you up on the same day that you applied to them. It is a very simple process.

Just fill in the form below and they will be in touch to explain how it works and let you know how much of your income you will keep.

Want to know more about what an Umbrella company is exactly? Then you should read our What is an Umbrella company post.

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