Proof of Innocence – Prove you are Innocent

Proof of innocence
Proof of innocence

Proof of Innocence

Proof of Innocence may wellnow be needed.

From: Metropolis Police

Dear Sir,

We would like to inform you of a new initiative that will help make our towns and cities much safer. We want to be more proactive in catching criminals. Towards this aim we would appreciate your cooperation.

As you may know, we have recently implemented a new Fingerprints & DNA database. We have online the fingerprints and DNA samples that we took from a number of recent crime scenes. All we need you to do, therefore, is to scan in your fingerprint to your PC. You should then enter the file name of your fingerprint on the website

The website will then scan the database to see if there is a match of your fingerprint and/or DNA (which we extracted from your fingerprint) against those that we have found at local crime scenes.

Enter Your Name and Address

If it comes up all clear you should either print that off and send it to us or enter your name and address on the screen in the space provided. This will mean that we will not contact you again for a minimum of three years without any new evidence.

However, if a match has been found you should contact your local police station immediately to determine if this was in error or your fingerprint or DNA does match those found at recent crime scenes. There may be perfectly good reasons for it being found there so we would like to eliminate you from our enquiries.

Innocence Unproven

We would ask you to do the match test as soon as possible as we would have to place those who haven‘t replied within a month of receiving our letter on our Innocence Unproven database. This may, as a result, lead to a house visit.

We would ask for your cooperation, therefore, in attempting to isolate those who commit crimes within our community and to increase the rates of catching them and convicting them. This will, therefore, make your local area a much safer place for young and old. The sooner you take the test the sooner we can narrow the field of possible suspects.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Your proof of innnocence will now be established.