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Professional Umbrella
Professional Umbrella

Professional Umbrella

Professional Umbrella is one of the UK’s most reputable umbrella employment companies. It has an outstanding reputation for its commitment to service delivery, compliance and quality. They employ and pay thousands of contractors on a weekly basis.

  • Professional Umbrella can help you become tax efficient and maximise your take home pay.
  • They offer more financial rewards than any other umbrella company. They will find the right option to suit your circumstances giving you the taxable advantages you rightly deserve by being self-employed.

So, what are the key features of Professional Umbrella as opposed to a personal service company?

Key Features for UK Contractors

  • Significant reduction in income tax and NICs liability;
  • Not affected by IR35 or the Managed Service Company provisions;
  • Not affected by the general anti-abuse rule (‘‘GAAR’’);
  • Non-DOTAS arrangement.

Key Benefits for UK Contractors

  • Levels of retained earnings significantly increased;
  • Tax savings can be utilised immediately;
  • Robust policy in relation to living expenses; and
  • Flexible entry and exit.

Why Choose Professional Umbrella?

  1. There is no minimum contract period and there are no charges to join or leave. They are so confident that you will be happy with their service that you won’t want to leave!
  2. You can keep your own limited company.
  3. Professional Umbrella invoices the end client and pays you within 48 hours of receiving the money. All you have to do is to provide them with your timesheets.
  4. This arrangement is outside IR35.
  5. Professional Umbrella has had favourable legal opinion from a top tax counsel at Lincoln’s Inn.
  6. All you need to do is to fill in a short application form and provide proof of your identity. Everything can be set up within the same day.

So, for more information, and to maximise your take home pay, contact them today by filling in the form below.

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