Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy for Contractors

Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy
Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy for UK Contractors

Protection against professional negligence

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No matter how professional, experienced and cautious you are, your clients could make a claim for compensation against you if they think you’ve made a mistake that’s caused them financial loss or damage.

A professional indemnity insurance policy covers you against these eventualities.

Insurance Protection

Protects you against:
● Breach of professional duty, like giving the wrong advice or making a mistake.
● Loss or damage to documents and the cost of replacing them.
● Unintentional breach of confidentiality or IP rights.
● Libel or slander through written or spoken materials you’ve produced.
● Dishonest, fraudulent, or malicious activity.

Claim examples

Fixing a mistake

You make a miscalculation while designing a building, which makes it structurally unsound.

Facing a costly professional negligence claim from your client, your professional indemnity
insurance covers your legal bill and the cost of making good the building.

Lost data, saved business

You accidentally delete data when installing a new server for a client, and face substantial costs in a negligence case. Or, you make a miscalculation and they have to scrap the new IT system costing them millions of pounds.

With professional indemnity insurance, the potentially ruinous cost of the investigation and reinstating the data is covered.

Helping you find great-value professional indemnity insurance

To save you time and money finding the right insurance we’ve partnered with contractor
insurance specialists Caunce O’Hara who have been protecting contractors and freelancers for more than two decades.

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Insure your business with Caunce O’Hara and benefit from:
Industry experience: Over 20 years of protecting contractors and freelancers, with
more than 35,000 customers now trusting us for their cover.
Comprehensive coverage: Tailored policies underwritten by a panel of insurers,
including Royal & Sun Alliance (an ‘A’ rated insurer).
Convenience: Download your documents immediately, to prove your cover is in place
before your contract starts.
Competitive premiums: Exclusive 20% discount for members
Instant cover: Quick ‘click and buy’ service online.
Claims handling: Hassle-free, fast, friendly and fair.

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Need help ?

Please get in touch with one of our expert advisors who will discuss the coverage
options available to your business.

t: 03333 211403 or e: [email protected]

To avail youself of the 20% discount you’ll need to quote or you’d have to pay the full premiums.

Caunce O’Hara and Co Ltd are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority under firms reference number 306183. To verify this visit



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