Data Protection Act Enforcers to get Greater Powers from Government

Data Protection Act Enforcers
Data Protection Act Enforcers

Data Protection Act Enforcers

The Data Protection Act enforcers are now to get a lot more power from the Government after new legislation on it.

The Information Commissioner will now be able to send his people into Government departments without notifying them.

The Prime Minister stated in his Question Time reply in the Commons that the Data Protection people will get these new powers.

The Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas has said that he has been asking for these powers for more than 3 years.

He wants, moreover, extra resources to be able to do this effectively.

Criminal Offences

Even more, he wants offences against the Data Protection Act to be potentially criminal offences.

Recently Nationwide Building Society got a million pounds fine for offences against the data Protection Act.

What’s the point of fining HMRC a million quid of our money for losing our details.

Let’s hope that they will include all of those who are sending data abroad about us without our permission in the new powers too.

Let the Data Protection Act enforcers monitor that too.

The chickens are coming home to roost!