Top 10 IT Contractor Personality types that IT recruiters deal with

Dead Wood Contractors
Dead Wood Contractors

IT Contractor Personality types

There are certain IT Contractor personality types that IT recruiters deal with all the time. What are they?

If an old warhorse professional retired and wrote his or her memoirs, it would definitely have some affectionate memories of the more interesting candidates dealt with during the long career.

IT Contractor Personality types Recruiters Will Know

Below are a few major types recruiters will nod smilingly at. Chances are that people in recruiting positions become the same way when they are job hunting. Hiring is a people business, remember?

Dividing candidate behaviour into creative categories, requires a little research and much introspection. Here are the results for all to see.

IT Contractor Personality types as Candidates:

1. Butterfly With Colourful Work History

A candidate with a colourful work history, who changes organizations every 6 months.

2. Chewing gum – A Sticker

This type clings tightly to the current assignment despite having good offers from other companies. More out of nervousness than loyalty.

3. Border problem – Looking for Better Deal

One who announces he is leaving for a better offer, but instead of leaving, tries to get a better deal in the current company.

4. Tourist- More Interest in Holidays

Asks about holidays, Saturday’s work timings, travel allowance etc more than job description and growth.

5. Radar operator – Always Looking for Better Job

Is always looking for something better, no matter how good things are within the current organization.

6. Morph artist – CV Changer

This kind of candidate can have his/her resume itself change quite unrecognizably, the next time s/he approaches you.

7. Godfather – Getting Better Rates

Negotiates a rate package so hard that the hiring person is nearly willing to part with a fraction of his/her own salary.

8. Ghost – Better Contract Offer

Joins the new company but disappears in two days, because that even better offer clicked.

9. Secret Agent – Doesn’t Share Info

Hates to give information about himself. May have missing fingernails from being made to talk at earlier interviews.

10. Phone book – The name Dropper

Name dropper, knows everybody in the phone book, unfortunately none of them know him.

11. Rescheduler – Interview Delayer

Will call before the interview and reschedule to buy more time. Excuses he gives include rescheduling funerals and weddings just to see you.

So. these are the main types of IT Contractor personalty types that recruiters come up against.

If you have been working for some time, especially in a recruiting capacity, you will have some of your own people types to add to this list.

Happy writing.

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