Contractor Abuse – Permies get back to abusing contractors

Contractor Abuse
Contractor Abuse

Contractor Abuse

A female reader sent us this article on contractor abuse.

As the contract market gets back to normal, so the contractor abuse by permanent staff cranks back up again to new heights.

I have survived a 3 month-wave of abuse by visiting staff from other branches. They continuously assert that I used to be a Secretary but got promotion. They say that they were going to cancel my security pass etc. etc. boring boring snore.

I then carried on with the daily abuse from my own team. They insist I’m a terrible person because I’m a contractor using the photocopier.

Exciting Day

Today was an exciting day as someone barked viciously at me and called me a
“F***ing contractor”.

Why you might ask?

Because I care not whether the permanent staff have milk to drink!

An important facet in a contract test-engineer’s daily duties!

Contracted to BT

I’m presently working at BT. As anyone who has had a contract there will know they initially present you with a document to sign in addition to the contract.

It starts something like “We do not disrespect our colleagues.”

Yeah right – Lip service!

Pin down the contract staff whilst the permanent staff are still allowed to abuse and dinosaur their way through the day.

Waste of Energy

The trouble is, I’m thinking isn’t all this a bit of a waste of energy?

Why are these people are so lacklustre they are unable to work out that no employment rights doesn’t mean no human-rights?

Doesn’t it get in the way of doing their job properly? Are these workers absolutely convinced they’re working harder than us, even when they only attend the office 3 days a week?

I wonder exactly how they manage to get away with it?

Ah well it‘s a sure sign that the contract market is getting back to normal.

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