PCG Break with Founder, Andy White, and His Company Webtastic


End of an Era

As from last Friday, the Professional Contractors Group have dispensed with the services of their founder and long term senior member, Andy White, and his company Webtastic.

Andy set up the PCG three years ago, and managed to get 1,000 contractors together in just one day for a march on Whitehall to lobby their respective MPs on IR35.

More recently he had left the management of the PCG to its members and had become the number one supplier to the PCG. This had cause some controversy about the wisdom of the PCG founder becoming its number one commercial supplier, although there was never any suggestion of anything untoward about it.

Gave Notice

After a spat with a number of IT contractors on another contractor site, Andy, after some thought, announced that he would give notice on Webtastic‘s contract with the PCG. The contract had a year‘s notice on it, but it was never likely to last that long, as NamesFacesPlaces predicted at the time.

Just a matter of a couple of month‘s later it looks like the relationship is all over, although the terms of the break-up remain private.

The PCG have implemented new arrangements for the provision of its membership services including website services, administration, member queries, financial management, etc.

Proud History

The PCG started just three years ago, and now has a membership of 12,000 contractors, with over 14,000 at its peak, earlier this year, before the downturn (and perhaps some disillusionment) took its toll.

After appearing to be an organisation who lost all its battles in its first two-and-a-half years, most notably its two court cases over IR35, the PCG, in the last few months has been scoring victory after victory, i.e. in

1) The Lime-IT IR35 case at the Special Commissioners

2) Getting the IT Skills Shortage List wiped clean which had accounted for 16,000 of the 25,000 Fast Track Visas issued in the last year

3) Stopping Agencies from getting permission to bring in Fast Track visa workers

4) Helping get contractors with limited companies taken off the EU Agency Directives

They are also well on their way to getting abuses of Intra-Company Transfers stopped too.

Hall of Famer

Andy White is a surefire Contractor Hall of Fame member for his setting up of the PCG. It has now evolved, under current management, into the foremost IT contractors‘ representative body in the world with the best success record.

Contractors everywhere will remember what Andy has done for them. The current management are now carrying the banner that he passed to them with aplomb.

I‘m told by a lot of people in the know, that there are currently a lot of very talented people on the Board and in their Consultative Council. We will see if they can continue to build on their recent successes.

Change of Addresses

As part of the process they have moved the addresses of their website and their offices.

The PCG‘s new web address is –


The new offices are –

Professional Contractors Group

Lakeside House
1 Furzeground Way
Stockley Park East
UB11 1BD

tel. +44 (0)208-622-3066
fax. +44 (0)208-622-3002