Bust Agency Owner makes £817,000 this morning

Bust Agency Owner
Bust Agency Owner

Bust Agency Owner

The IT contractors stiffed by bust agency owner, Tony Anoniades, of Aristotle Group, are now having to talk to the Official Receiver about whether they will get any money at all out of the thousands owed to them.

However, it was just announced to the Stock Market this morning that RDF Group have doubled their turnover.

The last we heard, Tony Antoniades owns 95% of this company.

RDF Group Owner

Both Aristotle Group and RDF Group used to be called Eurolink and both are based in Brighton.

Many of the contractors that were with Aristotle are now with RDF. Although there is a dispute over whether they were moved across or whether the client companies asked RDF to take them.

According to the RDF company report, there are just over 10.7 million shares in the company.

The shares in the company went up 8p to 42.5p just this morning after they announced the figures.

That makes the gain in the company share vale of £860,000.

Made Money from Share Price Rise

If Tony owns 95% of that, which he certainly did recently, then that means that he made around £817,000 just this morning.

It also means that Tony‘s stake in RDF is worth around £4,325,000.

This will certainly be of interest to those contractors of Aristotle Group who have lost thousands and now have a big fight to get any of that back.

The actual figures show that turnover in RDF Group rose from £4.23 million to £9.19 million. That’s an astonishing performance in today‘s market conditions.

See what the Board actually say about the figures and current market conditions in the article immediately below this.

So, the bust agency owner Tony Antoniades has made almost a million just this morning. That’s at the same time as he is hanging his contractors in Aristotle out to dry.