Outside IR35 Contracts – The Companies Hiring Contractors Using PSCs

Outside IR35 Contracts for Contractors
Outside IR35 Contracts for Contractors

Outside IR35 Contracts

We are often asked which companies allow outside IR35 contracts. Contractors want to know which companies are still hiring contractors who use personal services companies. Most of the news is about companies who are blanket banning contractors. However, some are doing fair IR35 assessments and hiring more PSC contractors.

Here is a list of companies which allow outside IR35 contracts courtesy of OffPayroll.org.uk

Contractor Questions About Outside IR35 Contracts

  1. Outside IR35 Contracts – A to B
  2. Contracts Outside IR35 – C to D
  3. Outside IR35 Contracts – E to G
  4. Outside IR35 Contracts – I to K
  5. Companies who allow Contracts Outside IR35 – M to P
  6. Outside IR35 Contracts – R to S
  7. Companies Using Outside IR35 contractors T to Z.

Outside IR35 Contracts – A to B

ABB – Using QDOS as outside assessors

Adaptive Financial Comsulting – Using IR35 Shield

Appreciate Group – Qdos doing the assessments

Arqiva – Qdos doing the assessments

Astra Zeneca – AZ doing their own assessments which some contractors say are unfair. Going to get Qdos in to validate the assessments so some contractors may win on appeal

AWE – Most contractors assessed as being inside IR35 but some assessed as outside. Presumably they would hire contractors who have contracts outside IR35 and who use a Limited Company

Bayer – Making assessments with some outside IR35

British Standards Institution – Assessing fairly

Buzz Bingo – Assessed and 90% of contractors found outside IR35

Contracts Outside IR35 – C to D

Cabinet Office – Making fair assessments

Camelot Lottery – Assessments made and many contractors found outside IR35.

Canopius – CEST testing.

Collinson – Using CEST tool and making fair assessments.

Co-op Group – Assessing individually and fairly and allowing use of PSCs.

Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB – Many roles assessed as outside IR35.

DAC Beachroft – doing individual assessments.

Outside IR35 Contracts – E to G

E-On UK – Individually assessed.

Ebiquirt – Individual assessments.

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group – Determinations made every 3 months.

EBIT Systems – Using IR35 Shield assessment.

Emerson – Paystream individual assessments used.

Equal Experts – Individually assessed working with Qdos.

E-energy solutions – Working with private sector to make their contracts outside IR35.

Eurostar – Some contractors assessed as outside IR35 and some inside IR35.

Frazer Nash – Assessed via Paystream.

Gazprom – Using Qdos for assessment.

General Dynamics Mission Systems – Contractors fairly assessed by Qdos.

Outside IR35 Contracts – I to K

Informa – All contractors assessed by Qdos.

Intechnica – Assess contractors – take direct contractors.

Ipsen – Qdos reviewing working practices.

Ithaca Enefgy – Individual assessments by Qdos.

ITV – Individual assessments.

J Murphy and Son – Individual assessments using IR35 Resolve.

Johnson & Johnson – Using 3rd party to assess fairly..

Just Eat UK – Using IR35 Shield to assess fairly

Kainos – Assessing fairly.

KBR – Fair assessments via Qdos.

Companies who allow Contracts Outside IR35 – M to P

Mcarthurglen – using Qdos for fair assessments.

Morson Projects – Assessing Individually with many being assessed outside IR35.

National Express – Assessed via CEST IR35 tool.

Nimble Approach – Assessed via IR35 Shield.

Openwork – Assessments mad via Qdos – New working practices outside IR35

Philip Morris International – Proper assessments via Qdos.

Prevayl – Too small a company for company to make determination. Allowing contractors to make changes to contracts and working practices.

Outside IR35 Contracts – R to S

R & M Engineering – Assessing contractors wit many outside IR35.

RCI Bank and Services – Individual assessments.

ReAssure – Using Qdos for fair assessments.

RedRock Consulting – Using outside IR35 contractors.

Safetech Engineering Limited – Under the threshold where companies make determination. Contractors decide themselves.

Southern Water – Individual assessments done.

Springer Nature – CEST tool was used. Results unknown yet.

Stanton House – Using Qdos for fair assessments.

Swansea Bay University Health Board – assessments being done with many contractors outside IR35.

Companies Using Ou.tside IR35 contractors T to Z

The Transformation Office – Using fair assessments.

Toyota (GB) – Using fair assessments via IR5 Shield.

Upfield – All; contractors assessed as outside IR35.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Europe – Fair assessments. via CEST.

Vision Box –  Individual fair assessments.

Volkswagen Group UK – Making fair assessments using Qdos.

William Hill – Fair assessments being done via Qdos.

Willis Towers Watson – will conduct assessments via CEST. Unknown yet if these will be fair.

Worley – Assessments via IR35 Shield. Some projects are finding everyone inside IR35 and others mainly outside.

Wunderman Thompson Finance – Using Larsen Howie’s SIFT tool to test. Assessed fairly and have proper appeals process. Working with contractors to take contracts outside IR35.

Outside IR35 Contracts Conclusion

I think we can see from the list that these are generally smaller, less well known, companies. However, there are some better known ones among them too.

These are the companies who are going to keep contracting via personal services companies alive. That’s till the bigger companies come to their senses.

Who will win the Final Battle

Out there in the marketplace the bigger, blanket banning companies are going to find it a lot harder to hire contractors. They will also be paying through the nose for workers they get via consultancy companies whether onshore or offshore.

Those companies will even be paying through the nose for contractors now working through those consultancies. They may well be paying £2,000 a day for people they could have hired for £500 a day.

But contractors will not have any sympathy for them. Instead they will seek out those companies, like those above, who are prepared to take on contractors using personal services companies.

It will be interesting to see which companies do better in the marketplace – the blanket banning companies or those who continue to use PSC contractors.

Let the battle begin!

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