2012 Stock Market Portfolio – Making More Money

2012 Stock Market Portfolio
2012 Stock Market Portfolio

2012 Stock Market Portfolio

This is our 2012 Stock Market Portfolio.

We are attempting to double or money in two years.

It is two or three years since we have done this as I have kept out of the market during that period after outperforming the market for several years.

I have decided to go for only two types of shares this time.

Buying Banks Shares

Firstly, I have gone for banks.

At some point in the future people are going to decide that banks are worthwhile institutions again and can make money – especially as they can set their own rates, fees and charges and uniquely amongst companies they can just take money out of their customers‘ accounts.

Buying Agencies Shares

The second category is IT agency shares.

They always fall more than most shares and rise more than most shares so they are perfect when you are trying to double your money in just two years.

Of course, one is restricted in that one has to but at the start of the year rather than when one would most like to.

Middle Price

However, we are buying on a two year basis.

We have taken the middle price of the shares which is an advantage to us (but one that most share pickers do) but to make up for that we won‘t include any dividends.

So, here goes for 2012.

We‘ll update you regularly.

Barclays Bank

Buying Price – 179.07p


Buying Price – 496.73p

Lloyds Bank

Buying Price – 26.1p


Buying Price – 20.27p

Harvey Nash

Buying Price – 52p

Parity Group

Buying Price – 20.75p

ReThink Recruitment

Buying Price – 8.25p


Buying Price – 226.25p

Highams Group


Buying Price – 215p

Nakama Group

Buying Price – 3p

So this is our 2012 Stock Market Portfolio.

We’ll let you know how it does month by month.