Hired Online – One third of workforce will be by 2020

Hired Online
Hired Online

Hired Online

More and more of contractors will be hired online in the future. So, it would be a good idea to be ready for this new development.

It seems that there are more Indian freelancers than US or UK freelancers. They do it much more cheaply than we can with some of them just charging $5 an hour.

It seems that this trend is going to intensify in the future.

Many companies don‘t want to hire full time employees. They use online offshore websites to get smaller pieces of work done. That’s especially in the user departments which are now bypassing their IT departments. They are sourcing work online through such sites as elance, guru, freelancer.com and oDesk.

Opportunities Unlimited

Indeed, according to oDesk CEO Gary Swart : “The opportunities are unlimited. If you can do work in front of the computer, it can move online.”

Indeed, he reckons that at least one-third of the global workforce could be hired online by 2020.

After IT Contractors surviving offshore outsourcing and Fast Track Visas and Intra-Company Transfers which were supposed to wipe us out, the next challenge for UK IT Contractors could be how they compete with hordes of online Freelancers from developing countries.

Bidding for IT Projects

They bid for project work online at rates of as little as $5 an hour.

Life is never dull for UK IT Contractors.

However, they should prepare well for this new method of looking for contractors. They should be fully prepared to be hired online.

A fresh challenge has arrived.