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Great Secrets in Life
Great Secrets in Life

Great Secrets in Life and Work

One of the great secrets in life is to get there ahead of everybody else.

How can you do this? It’s quite easy.

Most people leave their homes at particular times on the clock. They leave on the hour, on the half hour, or on the quarter hour.

Once you understand this, and don’t do it, things become a bit easier for you.

I used to hate the queues at banks. That’s until I discovered that if you left work at five to the hour or twenty five past, there wasn’t much of a queue when you went there.

I used to hear the people behind me complain about the queues.

It is the same with pubs. If you leave to go there at five to, or twenty five past the hour, you’ll get served. Then you can watch the other people stream in and wait for ages to get served.

Same at Work

It’s the same at work.

If you go to a meeting or a talk, five minutes before everyone else, you can pick the most favourable seat or position in the room. You can then watch the latecomers fight for the last seats, with some having to stand at the back or go and look for another chair from another meeting room.

It’s also important to get to work five minutes before everybody else. Most people calculate what time they need to leave home at, in order to get to work by nine o’clock. They won’t leave until then. They have an utter dread of getting to work five minutes too early.

If you leave five minutes before you need to, then you can have a nice relaxed trip into work, without having to rush or hurry if you are a minute or two behind schedule. You can get to work fresh and relaxed AND five minutes a head of everybody else on most days.

It Gets Noticed

Your boss will notice that you are usually in one of the first. This this won’t do you any harm at all. It’s the ones who normally get in five minutes late who are putting their careers or potential renewals on the line.

You don’t have to do any work during this five minutes, but simply ease yourself into the day by saying your good mornings, having a joke or a chat, and then fixing yourself a coffee.

If you like you can always join in the “good afternoons” for those that get in after ten past nine.

It really makes you feel morally superior to those degenerates who arrive looking flustered from racing against the clock trying to get to work on time.

So, that’s one of the Great Secrets in Life – simple – but effective.