One Month’s Money Left, a Pregnant Wife and I Can’t Get Work

One Month's Money
One Month's Money

One Month’s Money Left

Andrew, who has just one month’s money left before the abyss, posted this on LinkedIn

OK… seems posting twice that I am looking for a role has made little difference.

Only one recruiter contacted me about a role and that lead appears to have gone stale.

So here it us, in human terms I hope those with empathy will react.

Extensive Linux and IT Skills

I need an opportunity, a chance to use my extensive Linux and IT skills and experience.

But, more importantly, I need to get AWS experience and break into this cloud & DevOps world this infrastructure engineer finds himself in.

Put simply I have 1 months money left, at the worst time of year for being unemployed and a pregnant wife, due in Feb, who cannot work.

She looks to me to save us. I am desperately trying here but nobody is willing to give me a go.

IT Contractor Comment

Remember anyone else who was pregnant at Christmas and could only afford to have the birth in a stable?

I suggested that everybody try to heklp him out by sharing his tale on LinkedIn.

Then I saw he is based in Melbourne, Australia.

However, I do have 15,500 LinkedIn connections and some of them must be in Australia.

So, if you are, share this tale with your connections.

It looks like he will run out of money around Christmas Day.

Contracting a Risky Business

Those politicians who want t tax contractors like permanent staff take note.

Contracting is a risky business.

If Andrew was a permanent employee, he could get all sorts of benefits like pension, sick pay, maternity benefit, holidays etc.

He would not have to worry at all about having no work at Christmas and bringing a baby into the world early in the New Year.

That’s why contractors need more money. It’s because of the extra risk.

They also need to be able to allay legitimate expenses incurred in running their businesses aganst tax.

It is just crazy that contractors should be considered disguised employees but not given the benefits of employees.

It seems they only want our money.

Other contractors should consider getting the right insurances.

This could happen to you too.

Here are some here – Contractor Insurance

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