On daily rate but boss wants me to work free overtime

daily rate
daily rate

On Daily Rate

We found this question about a contractor’s daily rate, and answers on the now defunct www.ComputerContractor.net General Forum.

Daily Rate

I’m on a daily rate at work.

My boss tells me that this means that I have to work overtime for free if needed. He says that this was his agreement with the agency.

There’s no such thing in my contract, which states that the daily normal number of hours as seven.

There are no overtime clauses or rates in my contract.

I’ve told my boss that it is not in my contract but he swears blind that it is in his contract with the agency.

Daily Rate Myth
Daily Rate Myth for IT Contractors

It looks as if matters are coming to a head. I’m tempted to tell him to stuff it but it may mean my losing the contract.

I just wish agencies wouldn’t tell clients one thing without telling contractors what they’ve promised them on our behalf.

Poster 1 on Daily Rate


1. Do a little overtime just to keep them happy.

2. Start looking for another contract

3. Strike that agency off the list of those that you would use again

4. F*** the agency up with the client before you leave.

Poster 2’s Advice

A day rate equates to a professional working day, this simply means one day you work 7.5 hours, one day you could work 9, one day you could work six. It is something that just comes with the job.

To the second poster: You think some agencies are unprofessional? Look in the mirror!

Poster 3’s Advice

What utter c***. A contract will have the definition of a working day in it just as all other terms have definitions.

Poster 4’s Advice

Clock watchers are never favoured. He will have burnt his bridges by now probably, and if they are forcing him to work long hours with no hours in lieu then they probably don‘t like him anyhow and he should jump before he is pushed.

Poster 5’s Advice


The odd hour here and there is not an issue.

IT Contractor Daily Rate
IT Contractor Daily Rate and what it entails

Systematic ten-hour days are a different thing. If you can’t hack it or can’t get paid a bit more or take the odd day off and bill (that’s what they do here), then find another contract.

If you whinge, you won’t be renewed.

Poster 5’s Advice

Everybody wants something for free.

How come when there are supposedly variable days they are always variable upwards from the standard day and never down?

If a contractor didn’t have much to do and buggered off home at lunchtime would he expect to get a full day’s pay in the same way as he would only get a full day’s pay if he did 10 hours?

This is a complete con and the agency is helping clients get away with it.

ITContractor.com’s Comments

Some client’s are using the ‘daily rate’ as an excuse to get something for nothing.

As for the agency, telling the client that the contractor’s daily rate’ means he’ll do as much as the client wants for free is ridiculous.

Having this in the contract with the client about the daily rate meaning that, but not in the contractor’s contract, is really unprofessional.

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