Northern Trust Contractors IR35 Choice – Join Us or Umbrella Co or Leave

Northern Trust Contractors IR35 Choice
Northern Trust Contractors IR35 Choice

Northern Trust Contractors Options With IR35

Northern Trust Contractors are hearing from the company that they will no longer be able to use their personal service companies. They will not be able to operate as bona fide contractors in business on their own account.

It doesn’t matter whether they are inside IR3 or outside IR35. They will all have to operate as if they are inside IR35 in future.

Questions on Northern Trust Contractors and their IR35 options

  1. Who are Norther Trust?
  2. What Options are Northern Trust giving their contractors?
  3. What are their contractors going to do?
  4. Why are NT Treating their Contractors like this?
  5. What will Norther Trust Contractors do now?
  6. Why Does Chancellor Sajid Javid tolerate this IR35 madness?

Who are Northern Trust

Northern Trust are a North American Wealth Management Company.

According to Wikipedia:-

“Northern Trust Corporation is a financial services company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois that caters to corporations, institutional investors, and ultra high net worth individuals. It is one of the largest banks in the United States and one of the oldest banks in continuous operation”

What Options are Northern Trust giving their contractors

Northern Trust are basically giving their contractors the following options:-

  1. Join the company as an employee
  2. Join an umbrella company
  3. Leave

All contracts with the Northern Trust would end on March 23rd.

The Government’s new IR35 reforms kick in on April 6th 2020.

There is the added bonus that Northern Trust will no longer pay any VAT on contractors they take on as staff.

Contractors should remember this when they are negotiating any package to take permanent jobs there.

What are their contractors going to do

It seems that some of the older contractors will take early retirement. They say they have had a good run and do not fancy working for much reduced income. They say that they can put their feet up and do all the things they never had time for.

Some say they will leave.

Others say they will stay on because time is tight and they don’t want to be unemployed over Christmas. However, many of those say they will use the Christmas period to look around the marketplace.

Many of them became contractors not only for the money but for the lifestyle and leaving behind company politics.

There is a massive sense of de-motivation.

That is not good for the company when it strives to deliver crucial computer systems.

Why are NT Treating their Contractors like this

Northern Trust had, what they saw, as the optimum spread between contract workers and permanent staff. This worked best for them.

The IR35 reforms have interfered with the workings of the flexible workforce marketplace. Companies will now be using sub-optimal numbers of contractors and permanent staff.

What will Norther Trust Contractors do now

The companies will lose some of these contract workers. They will take with them not only their skills and experience but their systems knowledge and business knowledge.

They will not be able to hire replacement staff with the latter two spheres of knowledge.

So, it is likely that all Britain’s major companies will have to operate in a manner which is less than their optimum.

This will not be good for company profits, jobs and corporation tax returns. There is also the missing VAT that the company will not have to pay for those they take on as staff.

This is all absolutely crazy.

Why Does Chancellor Sajid Javid tolerate this IR35 madness

Sajid Javid should know all this. After all he used to be Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, an avid use of freelancers. Indeed, he said, in those days, that the Government should ‘repeal the silly IR35 tax’.

It has become even more silly since he said that. However, it seems that the lunatics have taken over the asylum, crippling UK industry for the want of £3 billion over 4 years. That’s the equivalent of less than a tenth of a penny on income tax.

And the whole of Britain’s industry and the hundreds of major companies in it have to work at a less than optimal level to bring in a piffling amount of tax.

Sajid Javid must know this. Indeed he used to know this.

Britain has gone mad.

Is he just keeping his head down while “the thin men stalk the streets and the sane stay underground?”

Norther Trust contractors must be gnashing their teeth in frustration.

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