IR35 Advice Line – Nobody Uses HMRC’s Free Phone Line

IR35 Advice Line
IR35 Advice Line

IR35 Advice Line

Does anybody use HMRC’s free IR35 advice line?

According to the OST‘s report on what should be done about IR35:-

‘No onemakes much use of HMRC‘s IR35 advice line who offer (without charge) opinions and advice.

‘So, Contractors do not use this service based on the perception that it can lead to a full blown IR35 investigation.

No Boat Rocking

‘As it is necessary to seek the views of the end client many contractors also do not want to ‘rock the boat’ with the end client in this way.

‘There is a clear perception, moreover, that seeking out HMRC‘s views on IR35 status would lead to stress and worry’.

Now that is a surprise.

I wonder what the IR35 Advice unit does all day whilst waiting for contractors to call for free advice.

Burglar Proof

It‘s a bit like the local burglar advertising that he will come round to people‘s houses to check if they are burglar proof or not.

So, I wonder why HMRC thought this would be a good idea.

Were they expecting tens of thousands of contractors to inundate them with calls?

Perhaps this department is one where the Government could make a few cuts.

Instead of making cuts here, it seems, in the latest IR35 proposals they are going to add on a Help Line facility for contractors. They can then call up to see if they are caught by IR35.