IT Contracting Politics – No need to kiss boss’s ass, says IT Contractor

IT Contractor Problems With Permanent Employees -started a new IT contract
IT Contractor Office Problems With Permanent Employees - started a new IT contract

IT Contracting Politics

The great thing about IT Contracting Politics is that there is none. That’s unless you want to involve yourself in it.

So, why do IT workers want to become IT contractors? One of the main reasons, as well as the money, that people become IT Contractors is to avoid the office politics. IT Contractor want to get on with the job, and if they do a good job, to get renewed with a better rate. They are not seeking promotion or to advance themselves.

This was posted as comments by H0m3r in response to our article ‘How to politically advance your prospects and who to impress’. It’s about IT Contracting office politics.

IT Contracting Politics – Don’t Be Desperate

Yes, be nice to your boss, but if he’s a grade one w4nk3r than arse kissing him is really determined by how desperate you are to have the money.

Permies are desperate by nature because they don’t like finding new work, they like to stay in a job for “years”.

If you‘re a good contractor, then you shouldn’t put up with any bull**** from your manager.

You can easily find a new contract elsewhere.

Reasons Why IT Projects Fail

Also, if the project does go tits up because of reasons such as:

1) manager wanted to save money, so cut the development team.

2) manager wanted to save money, didn’t project manage.

3) manager wanted to save money, so didn’t provide spec.

4) manager wanted to save money, so didn’t reserve time for testing.


Then, when the directors ask why have the company just looked like idiots in front of the clients,he will save his own ass and blame those below him.

IT Contracting Politics – Contractors Take Blame

Usually this is the contractors, because, he can get rid of them quickly and they can’t go tell the directors the truth.

Permies won’ get blamed because you cannot get rid of them and some of them have been at the company longer than the manager so know the directors anyway.

However, IT Contractors don’t need to get involved in IT Contracting politics. They can simply look for their next contract job.

The article is right, it‘s all a game, but just because you‘re a player, doesn’t mean you should take any nonsense.

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