Nicola Sturgeon Demands Coronavirus Help for Contractors, Self Employed

Coronavirus help for contractors
Coronavirus help for contractors

Coronavirus Help for Contractors

In a speech this morning, Nichola Sturgeon demanded more coronavirus help for contractors, freelancers and the self employed. The SNP leader said that she would press the national government to give help to these groups. She said that she was reasonably confident that this would be made available.

The SNP were always contractor friendly. They opposed IR35. They looked at offshore drilling workers who had the extra expense of flying to Aberdeen and then by helicopter out to the rigs. The SNP said it was unfair that the contractors would not be able to claim this expense against tax.

So, it’s good to hear them pressing for coronavirus help for contractors now. It was also good to hear Nichola Sturgeon saying that she was confident that the coronavirus help for contractors would be forthcoming.

Other countries coronavirus help for contractors

Norway are going to give contractors 80% of their income if they were laid off because of Covid-19. Germany has recognized that there is a problem and are looking for solutions.

Treasury Minister, Steve Barclay, said that the UK’s contribution to helping contractors was to delay the implementation of Chapter 10 IR35 for a year.

That must make contractors laugh as companies like Llloyds Bank, HSBC, RBS, GSK and Virgin Media have decided to go ahead with blanket banning contractors using personal services companies.

There will be no coronavirus help for contractors from those companies.

Companies who are contractor friendly over IR35

There have been other companies like Deutsche Bank and Sky / Expiris who have reverted to allowing contractors to use their eprsonal services companies for another year.

Let’s hope that very shortly we will see the reason for Nichola Sturgeon’s confidence that we shall soon see some coronavirus help for contractors.

PS – According to the Daily Mail online Chancellor Rishi Sunak is preparing a fresh economic package aimed at the 5m self employed many of whom will go out of business without help.

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