IR35 free contracts – Agents and Contractors combine

IR35 Free Contract
IR35 Free Contract

IR35 Free Contracts

Contractors can now use IR35 free contracts.

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has recently agreed a joint standard contract with The Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo). That’s the body representing agencies that supply IT freelancers. This is available for use by PCG members working through ATSCo agencies. Legal experts have described it as ‘a robust defence against IR35’.

Freelancer Neil A Violet signed the first IR35 free contract this week. He works through The Wreay Group, a PCG Affiliate member, whose managing director, Derek Wreay, also serves on the ATSCo executive.

PCG Director

PCG director Ian Durrant said, ‘We are happy to reach agreement with ATSCo on the terms of a standard contract. This shows our willingness to work together and demonstrates the increase in understanding that the two groups have achieved.

Since agencies and contractors ‘share the same rice bowl’, this has to be a positive step for all parties. We sincerely hope ATSCO members take up the option of using this contract with their PCG member contractors.’

Approved Contract

Derek Wreay was equally enthusiastic in his praise of the arrangement. ‘We are very happy to reach agreement on a contract both PCG and ATSCo are happy with that is available for the members of both organisations to use,’ he said.

‘Here at Wreay we made the option of using this contract available to freelancers from the day that it was agreed. The first freelancer offered this contract jumped at the chance to use it. We we are happy to say that the contractor has now signed and sealed the contract.’

So, the PCG intends to devote considerable effort during the coming months to drive up client demand for this new industry standard contract.

So, now contractors can avail themselves of real IR35 free contractors.