New Agency Dirty Trick on Contractors – Don’t Get Caught

New Agency Dirty Trick
Agency dirty trick on IT Contractor

An agency sent the following to a Contractor. It’s a new agency dirty trick so beware.

New Agency Dirty Trick

You may be aware that We recently launched an Interim Management division that specialises in Senior Manager and Executive/Director level contracts.

You have been identified as a candidate that would be interested in assignments of this nature.

For information on the division, our policies, typical assignments and methods please see our web site at

Agency Talent Bank

To fulfill our client‘s needs and provide a professional service we maintain a talent bank of prospective candidates. This talent bank is a carefully maintained network of fully referenced professionals.

We need to identify candidates and validate the talent bank. To this end I would be grateful if you could complete the form attached and return it to: us.

References Important

Our preferred method of reference collection is electronic; as such contact email addresses are important and ensure that we can complete the process quickly and efficiently.

If you have worked with us previously or have regular contact with another division of ours please accept my apologies and ignore this email.

Thank you for your assistance.

If you could also take the time to forward an updated CV and inform us of your availability date, we would much appreciate it.

Lead Generator

The contractor sent this replied that he thought that was just a way of generating leads so that they could chase new business.

They replied to him that they assumed by his tone that he did not wish to be registered with the Interim Talent Bank,

He then said that he would be kept on the list but only as a Level 3 candidate.

Well, what do you think?

Is this a genuine attempt to create a pool of candidates for senior positions or is it just another attempt to try and get client contacts from contractors?

Is it just a new agency dirty trick of which there are very many.

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