Get Stuffed ITContractor reader tells agency

Get Stuffed Contractor Tells Agency
Get Stuffed Contractor Tells Agency

Get Stuffed

This article was sent to us about how a contractor told an agency to get stuffed.

Some time ago an agency contacted me out of the blue offering to market my CV to potential employers and find me work. But first they asked me to supply two references and complete a C++ technical test.

My reply is below.

After I sent off my reply I subsequently discovered that this agency had been unreliable in paying its contractors. So this confirmed my initial suspicions.

My Reply – Supply of References

It is my policy to supply references only when offered an interview. I introduced this policy this policy to deal with the number of agencies currently contacting referees for business leads instead of for genuine references. In the past this has caused annoyance to referees and embarrassment to myself.

In my experience those agencies who ask for the most upfront information, that does not specifically relate to the expertise for the role in hand, are the least likely to find you work.

Some recruitment agencies claim, there are IT employers who will not look at a candidate prior to their supplying references. According to a recruitment industry veteran, cited, he has never (in 16 years) encountered an IT employer that insisted on upfront references.

In the past, when offered permanent roles, employers only everr requested references after offering me the role.

Incidentally, I question the efficacy of references anyway.

Perceived Technical Suitability

What interests employers primarily is your technical suitability for the role and your personality, etc., if it’s for a permanent role. If you don’t match up by these criteria prior to interview, and/or at interview, your references count for nought.

It is also my policy not to take technical tests except as part of a specific interview process.

Whenever I’ve completed emailed, or online, tests in the past I’ve received no feedback whatsoever. This is despite repeated attempts at follow-ups. On one occasion this was for a test that took about 2 hours.

I, also, will not do tests unless I know the specific client for whom I am doing the test. Also, I do not wish agencies to forward my CV to clients without contacted me first to discuss the opportunity. Such discussion should include at least:-

  1. an outline of the nature of the role,
  2. the skills sought and the location.

Unless I know these I see no reason why I should waste my time.

That’s why I told this agency to get stuffed.

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