Project Schedule – My work is well over schedule but my manager doesn’t know yet

Project Schedule
Project Schedule

Over Project Schedule

Dave wrote to us, telling us that he is well over project schedule. There is the worry that his client will find out shortly. Here is his story.

I am at my wit‘s end. I am working as a developer on this project, and my work is over schedule.

The Project Manager doesn‘t know about it yet, as I‘ve been hiding the fact by allocating time to programs that I haven‘t really started yet.

Each Monday the Project Manager comes around to check progress, and it is getting harder and harder to hide that I‘m behind schedule.

It is affecting both my morale and my health. What should I do?

Dr. McLaughlin‘s Answer

The one thing to remember is that you have company – lots of it. Just about everybody else on the project is doing exactly the same thing.

The senior management is going to get a big surprise when it all comes out. This is normal on a project, and I don‘t know why they are ever in shock, as the same thing happens on all of their last project.

What should you do?

Handing Over Work Not Fully Tested

The worst thing that you could do now, and you‘ll be seriously tempted, is to hand over your work before you‘re absolutely sure that it works just because of the project schedule.

You‘ll take a lot of ‘heat‘ now for being late, as the Project Manager won‘t want to tell his bosses about it. However, that‘ll be nothing to the ‘heat‘ you‘ll take if the program is bouncing in and out of Systems or User Acceptance Testing.

Also make sure that the program does what it says in the specification.

Program Testing for Project Schedule

If the program tests well, then they‘ll forget that you were a little late with it.

They will be too busy aiming their fire at those who ‘can‘t finish their programs’.

You will seem like a Saint then.

There is usually contingency on a project.

This gets blown out of the water, normally, not by programs that are a little late, but by programs that have not been thoroughly tested, and need lots of rework.

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