My top 10 Stock Market shares for 2005. How they did


Ten for 2005

In 2004 I easily beat the market with a 10% rise in my share portfolio as opposed to a market rise of 6% and a software sector (where all my shares are) fall of 5%.

This year my portfolio stood exactly still, while the market rose 18%. I don‘t what the software sector did this year as I haven‘t seen any figures but I‘m pretty sure it would have fallen.

Software hasn‘t been the area to be in over the last couple of years.

However, I feel duty bound to report how I did. Eight of my shares fell, most of them by not too much and two rose. I was saved by CPL Resources, an Irish recruitment agency. They rose by 132%.

1. Retail Decisions

Buying Price – 28.5p
Current Price – 26.5p
Percentage Rise – -7%

They supply software in the area of Card Fraud Prevention.

2. Innovation Group

Buying Price – 34.75p
Current Price – 30p
Percentage Rise – -14%

3. Xansa

Buying Price – 93p
Current Price – 90p
Percentage Rise – 3%

They outsource to India.

4. Intec

Buying Price – 63.5p
Current Price – 69p
Percentage Rise – 9%

They are in the area of supplying IT software to the telecoms industry.

5. Parity

Buying Price – 9.88p
Current Price – 9p
Percentage Rise – -9%

I was very lucky here as they were trading at around half the current price for most of the year until an American agency started buying a stake in them.

6. Spring Group

Buying Price – 92p
Current Price – 62p
Percentage Rise – -33%

They are the leading UK IT staffing company.

7. LogicaCMG

Buying Price – 192.75p
Current Price – 177.25p
Percentage Rise – -8%

The UK‘s top software house, they just went down with the software sector market.

8. Lorien

Buying Price – 52.5p
Current Price – 39.5p
Percentage Rise – 25%

They are an IT recruitment company.

9. CPL Resources

Buying Price – 90p
Current Price – 208.5p
Percentage Rise – 132%

I wrote this at the start of last year:-

‘This agency actually had a decent rise in 2004 – one of the very few who achieved it. They are actually an Irish recruitment company but their quote is on the UK Stock Market.

‘The Irish market is a booming market. As regular readers of this site are aware, it is a little known fact that Ireland is actually the biggest offshore outsourcing centre in the world for software. They get 25% of all US investment in technology in the EU despite having only 1% of its population.

‘The economy is predicted to grow by 6.5% over the next 5 years – about the same rate as India and China.

‘CPL is Ireland‘s biggest staffing company and is sure to benefit from the Celtic Tiger‘s emphasis on IT and technology in particular as a growth area’.

10. Highams Systems

Buying Price – 5.5p
Current Price – 3.12p
Percentage Rise – -43%

An IT recruitment agency, who fell like the others.


If anyone has any information on how the Software Sector did last year I‘d appreciate it if they printed it in the Comments section, as that would reveal whether I had done well or badly.

My hunch is that it went down but I have no info.