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An IT Contractor reader sent us this article about dodgy agencies..

Experiences With Dodgy Agencies

I have had my fair share of dealing with dodgy agencies. My experiences include:-

1. Being told that I got the job but that I had to wait while the project budget is approved. They told me that in the mean time I shouldn‘t accept any other job offers.

2. Being asked to start a contract asap and that the contract will be sent to me as soon as the client signs their contract with the agency. I didn’t get a contract until 4 weeks later and only after I threatened to walk out of the job.

3. Asking me to complete the final 3 weeks of someone else’s contract for no pay after that contractor walked out of the job.

Contract With No Pay

4. Asking me to undertake the first 2 weeks of an IT contract without any pay while they assess me as to whether I am suitable for the job.

5. Sending me to a job interview for a VAX/VMS system administrator job because I have VM/CMS experience as a systems programmer.

6. Asking me to break an IT contract with an agency to join another IT agency to work on a different project within the same company.

So there you have it. There are more, but I don’t want to bore you. I am sure that you would have had similar a experience of dodgy agencies to mine.

IT Contractors and Agencies

If anyone else has had any bad or good experiences of agencies please post them as Comments or send them to us.

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