Dealing with dodgy agencies – My Experiences

Dealing with dodgy agencies
Dealing with dodgy agencies

Dealing with Dodgy Agencies

The article on dealing with dodgy agencies is by reader Gun4Hire.

Looking for a New Contract

When I am actively seeking a new contract, I will activate my account with a job board to indicate my availability for work.

When this happens a lot of the job board’s registered agencies are alerted and will respond with email requests for my CV.

The only contact details, however, that I give out on Job Board are my first name and an email address setup especially for Job Board enquiries.

Fake Consultants

However, on a number of occasions a consultant pretending to be from one of the registered agencies requested my CV via email.

These fake consultants use webmail addresses such as that are easily spotted by any IT person. How, they expect to get away with this is beyond me.

It is so tiresome dealing with dodgy agencies.

Submit My CV

I have also had some calls from agencies requesting my permission for them to submit my CV to a client.

But if I then enquire what that job is, they would refuse to give me details other than it is an Oracle position.

In these cases, the agencies concerned were not engaged by the client to find IT contractors but were hoping to submit my CV in the hope of winning the business from the client’s preferred agencies.

Unknown Agents

Many recruitment consultants would often change agencies or set up their own agencies.

During this period, I would often get calls from agencies that I have never dealt with before.

These consultants were taking copies of my CV from their old agencies to their new agencies.

As a result of this I now preface my CV with a set of legally binding terms and conditions on the use of my CV to prevent my personal details from being distributed widely without my permission and control.

Dealing with dodgy agencies is no fun for IT Freelancers.

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