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British Contractors
British Contractors

British Contractors

A reader sent us this, about working with British Contractors after our article ‘My experience of working with foreigners – Indians’.

My experience of working with – and living among – Poms is that, for the most part, they are lazy, myopic, tight arsed, whingeing, racist pratts. And this article seems to demonstrate that perfectly.

I have experienced Poms in just about every country in the world and they tend to come up just the same no matter where – grey and miserable, like their country.

Very Pleasant Indians

Where ever I have experienced Indians I have found them to be human beings – and very pleasant ones at that. And I have worked with quite a few.

Australia experienced an influx of contract Indians in IT in the mid 1980’s. We survived, but then we are accepting of other nationalities – provided they don’t whinge all the time.

The Empire is dead!

So, accept it and get over it, guys.

Open your eyes – and your minds – to a whole new world. You never know, you just might find you like it.

IT Contractor Comment

So, what do you think, readers?

Is there any truth in this guy’s views?

If you are a foreign contractor working in Britain, what are yoor views?

What do UK contractors working with Aussies think of working with them?

Put any comments in the section below.