Selecting IT Contractors to Interview. My Criteria by A Client

selecting IT Contractors
selecting IT Contractors

Selecting IT Contractors

The article on Selecting IT Contractors for Interview is by reader Flicker.

What I Want From an IT Contractor

I regularly get CV’s, and rather than going through my requirements “tick tick tick” I look at the CV and read it for 30 seconds, trying to “tell” if the person is interesting, would fit my team, and is well-rounded.

If I get a “checklist” CV, it gets binned, because if I see “Java, Java, Java, Java” I think, “hmm might be able to do java, probably doesn‘t do problem solving” because I don’t see C++.

So guys, you’ve got to balance this.

Keep it obvious because managers are all stupid.

Some IT managers hope to find people who are competent and really DO care.

Useful Advice

But one useful bit of advice…

Send me a CV with squiggly bits and your photo, and unless you‘re a particularly attractive woman you probably won’t get an interview 🙂

But send me a plain, boring CV which tells me a story and which shows me you’ve got a brain, and I’m likely to give it an extra 15 seconds read and put it in a pile to be considered.

Finally – if you get more than 20 CV’s then the agency isn’t doing the job properly and you‘re advertising your role too widely and not giving yourself a chance. Comment

It’s always useful to know what is on a client’s mind when selecting IT Contractors. The more you know about the reasons behind one CV being selected ahead of another could mean that an IT Contractor gets more interviews.

If he or she gets more interviews they stand a better chance of getting an IT Contract and sooner too

The more IT Contracts they get the more successful financially they will be as an IT Contractor.

That is what it is all about – getting that little advantage on other IT Contractors when clients are selecting IT Contractors to interview.

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