My Contract terminated by client saying skills do not match

Contract Terms and Conditions when contract terminated
Contract Terms and Conditions when contract terminated

Jim, a reader, sent us this after a contract terminated by client.

Contract Terminated

My Contract was terminated by the client saying my skillset does not match.

Also they forcefully asked me to write a termination of services letter.

Shouldn’t it actually be governed by the contract notice period and termination clause?

Dr McLaughlin‘s Advice

The notice period and termination clause should govern this.

However, the letter that you wrote might now override that depending on what it said.

What did it say?

Also, it is up to the client at interview to find out if your skillsets match or not unless. of course, you claimed you had skills on your CV that you didn’t actually have where clients could claim that you misled them.

Did this happen?

Contract Terms and Conditions

However, normally they would have to honour the terms and conditions of your contract unless, of course, your letter overrode those.

You say that they forced you to write it.

So, in what way did they force or coerce you to write it?

My advice, therefore, would be to take your contract and the letter you wrote to a lawyer for an opinion.

Normally they give the first visit free of charge.

A lawyer’s letter to the clients may make them sit up and it doesn’t cost very much.

Reply from Jim

This was the letter I had to write.

Regretfully I would like to terminate the services to —– from 26th August 2011 provided by X on behalf of B. (Jim).

I do wish the project team involved a great success.

If this email is approved by the Project manager – – — no other party (Oraclecontractors or Ashwamedh Business Intelligence Ltd.) would have any objection on the same.

The PM has approved the timesheet for the worked period and (16th August-2015 to 26th August 2015).

Dr McLaughlin‘s Advice

When you say you were forced to write it, tell me what the circumstances were?

How much notice was in your contract and when did you actually leave?

Your letter to them doesn’t actually say that the notice period should be overridden.

It said that the Project Manager has approved the timesheets for the worked period.

However, it doesn’t say that they wouldn’t honour those for the notice period.

Invoice for Notice Period

If I were you I would send in an invoice for the notice period also.

Nowadays, under agency regulations, you don’t have to have signed timesheets to bill an agency.

What was the nature of your relationship with Oracle contractors or Ashwamedh Business Intelligence Ltd?

Were they agencies?

Was your contract with them?

I’d whip in an invoice to them as quickly as possible.

They wouldn’t want to lose their cut either.

Reply From Jim

Many Thanks Dr. McLaughlin.

You have immensely helped me and I will keep you updated on the latest about my contract terminated by the client.

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