Many IT Consultants now working from home

Working from Home
Working from Home

Working from Home

Many IT Consultants are now working from home.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, around a million people now work from home. This is going back to the way it used to be before the industrial revolution when most jobs were at home in cottage industries.

Many of those working from home are self-employed or operate small businesses from home. However, many web designers and IT Consultants now work from home.

It is the advent of superfast broadband that has enabled this. Previously IT Consultants had to go to the office to be able work properly. However, they can work as easily from home nowadays. The use of tools like Skype have made this more possible.


The numbers of home workers is expected to grow. There are great cost savings to be made from businesses if they have more of their workers and consultants working from home. They would save a fortune on office space.

The better communications are, the more companies will let people work from home. It used to be that the companies would say that they can’t monitor whether people are working at home or not. However, there are ways and means of doing this.


For instance they could tell workers working from home that they must be available via Skype for certain periods of the day and they can monitor whether someone is on Skype or not. Of course someone may have their Skype on but be away from their PC. However, if they do that too often they would be sure to be caught.

Meetings may be a problem but they are becoming less so with the advent of technology. It looks as if the trend is to more home working. The Industrial Revolution decimated most cottage industries. It looks like the Information Age is going to enable many cottage industries to spring up from home.

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