Make a Million from £100K in 5 years Results after the first year


Target Met

We set up a campaign to turn 100K into a million quid in 5 years from the Stock Market. We need to make 60% a year to achieve this goal – a tough target. Now we assess where we are at the end of the first year.

Our final tally after Year One is £204,185 from an initial £100,000.

In other words we have easily beaten the target of making 60% or £60,000 in the first year.

We have made £104,185 in our first year. That‘s a rise of more than 104%.

We have more than doubled our money and easily beaten our first year target.

We are well on course to turn £100,000 into £1,000,000 in 5 years.

We have done the hard bit, we have started well. That makes the next 4 years a bit easier.

New Rate Per Year

This good start means that the target rate per year increase is now down from 60% a year to just under 50% a year (49%) for the next 4 years.

It means that I now have to make more than £100,000 this year to keep on the new target of making 49% a year. This equates to 1,924 a week.


That‘s more than my weekly target of £1,200 in the first year.

I‘ll also have to round it up to £2,000 a week to keep it easy to calculate each week.

Original Target

I‘ll also keep an eye on how much I need to make each week from the original schedule, where I needed to make 60% a year for 5 years. That meant that I had to have got up to £160,000 after the first year, and £256,000 after the second year.

In fact I think I‘ll keep that as my main target as it is the original one. That means that I need to make £1,000 a week from where we are now to meet that target. That seems more achievable.

Where I Made It This year

LogicaCMG is my top share of the year. It started the year at 94p and finished the year at 259.75p.

That‘s a rise of 176%.

They made me £35,266 this year – pretty much an IT permie‘s annual salary from 20 grand on one share.

Spring Group were my second best share. They started the year on 48.5p and finished it on 116.5p.

That‘s a rise of 140%.

They made me £28,041 this year from my 20K stake.

Marlborough Stirling also did well for me. They started the year at 23p and finished it at 53.5p.

That‘s a rise of 133%.

They made me £26,522 from my 20K stake.

Those are my three big successes. The other two made me some nice money but not as much as I would have liked (which is quite a lot).

Xansa started the year at 62.5p and finished it at 90p.

That‘s a rise of 44%.

They made me £8,800

Parity started the year at 9p and finished it at 11.5p.

That‘s a rise of 22%.

They made me £5,556 this year.

Satisfactory Year

Although at one stage I had reached more than £241K during the year, I am more than satisfied with my performance over the first year.

There has been a correction in the tech market in the last month or so. It means that there is something in the tank for the coming year in which I‘m confident that I will continue to progress in my goal of making a million pounds form 100K in 5 years.

More than doubling my money in the first year is a great start!

Share Prices

I started with 20 grand‘s worth of each share.









Marlborough Stirling












Spring Group








Note:- I have taken the mid-price of the shares that I have bought, rather than the buying price. This is standard practice for these portfolios, and there‘s also the point, as sharebuyers know, that you never know exactly what price you will be able to get for shares until you actually buy them. Sometimes the price you get goes to three decimal places which would make things complicated. I also don‘t subtract dealing costs and stamp duty. These are fairly minor though.

I‘ve compensated by this by not counting any dividend payments that would come to me. Hopefully that should balance things out. Stock market studies have shown that more than 50% of the money made on the stock market is made from dividends and re-invested dividends.

Not, also, that this is just a notional portfolio. Any gains made by it have been totally missed out by me. If I succeed, I will only be a notional millionaire.

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