Lots of IT Workers are just dumb, stupid, ignorant, Sun reading fools

offshore outsourcing of IT jobs
Offshore outsourcing of iT jobs

This article, calling contractors Sun reading fools, is a post after comments after our article Swarm of IT Immigrants Swarming into the UK.

IT Workers are Sun Reading Fools

Shocking! It just proves that a lot of IT workers out there are not intellectuals with a good education but just dumb stupid ignorant Sun reading fools.

1) It’s not UK jobs. The majority of the companies ownership is private. Either that or PLC‘s that the state doesn’t own. Most have foreign ownership. They will give the jobs to those with the best qualifications. So, if this country cannot provide them then they will move their operations out of this country

2) Cheap hard-working foreign workers means the lazy moaning British workers can get a reasonable pay for a doing a lot less and carry on with their office politics and back stabbing.

Benefits of Capitalism

Please don‘t comment on the economy and how the UK economy would be better off, you don‘t understand economics and never will.

If you guys ran the economy Britain would be like the Soviet Union in the eighties – a protectionist state.

You cannot have all the Benefits of capitalism yet start moaning when other people benefit too.

I have worked on several projects which have only run in this country because of the availability of foreign workers. If those workers workers were not available then the projects would have simply been moved to another country. The whole company would have moved operations to another country resulting in a lot more job losses.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with this guy?

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