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Unemployed Contractors
Unemployed Contractors

Unemployed Contractors Pain

A reader sent us this about unemployed contractors.

I have read many articles on the subject of I.T. unemployment and find some people‘s attitudes appalling.

People open up and tell their stories of being unemployed only to be met with a barrage of “stop whingeing” comments.

I too found myself out of work for several months.

Unemployed IT Contractor
Unemployed IT Contractor – the trials and tribulations

Worked for Top Companies in Senior Technical Roles

I had worked for many top companies in senior technical roles when the crash happened. Nothing I could do about it.

I continued to try and keep my skills current by developing web technologies at home, and setting up various solutions for local companies for free, but still found it impossible to find anything.

I applied for over 300 jobs/contracts, in both the UK and central Europe.

IT Contract Offer

I soon realised it was a numbers game and eventually got an offer. I’m sure there must have been thousands in the same boat.

I did feel a bit hard done by.

Not because I couldn’t earn the big bucks, but because I could not find work despite having been very fortunate in working for top companies before.

unemployed contractor stories
Out of Work Contractor Stories

Careeer Threatening Worry

The worry is that this could affect things so much as to be career threatening.

Just because we contractors had some good times does not mean we should accept end of career scenarios without saying anything.

To those who just respond by saying “stop whingeing” shows a shallowness I can only feel sorry for.

You obviously have no concept of depth of thought.

Leave the poor unemployed contractors alone.

IT Contractor Comment

Anyone who has been out of work for any length of time will sympathise with those contractors who are struggling to find work.

It can be soul destroying applying for contract after contract and not even getting to interviews.

Having been in this situation before myself I have nothing but sympathy for them.

All I can see is keep trying and you’ll get something in the end.

Don’t give up.

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