Kick ass managers force unhappy permies to become contractors

Kick Ass Managers at work
Kick Ass Managers at work

Kick Ass Managers

A reader (steh) posted this article, about Kick Ass Managers. It is in response to our article The Project Managers who will kill lions. Here it is.

This was one of the many reasons why I finally decided to go contracting.

In end user clients this “kick ass” style just got progressively worse over the years. It was annoying when the companies promoted or recruited that style over and above decent managers. So quality and productivity dropped in departments.

When I’ve managed teams I’ve often found the best staff poached by people who had higher positions and more authority but less responsibility, leaving me without assistance and more people to focus on to reach appropriate standards of quality productivity and cooperation.

Kick Ass Managers and IT Contractors
Kick Ass Managers and IT Contractors

Then thye would give those people more menial work but put them under high pressure in terms of volume output. They would have a lower contribution and then they would leave. Then the companies would outsource to companies that were even more extreme in their attitudes to employees.

It’s really stupid.

Bullying Employees

So many managers seem to believe that the important thing is for them to show how important they are and how good they are at bullying other people. The worse it gets the more they avoid measuring the effects of their actions and the more they promote people who are the same.

It helps to drive contracting, because people do not want to work under those conditions. As independents, one can be more objective and refuse contracts and move around to where one can contribute most and enjoy work more.

But then we have a government that thinks that contractors should all be employees. They belive that the most extreme management behaviours should be encouraged and supported.

It seems if they can’t keep people down and drive them into ever lowering productivity and quality and ever worsening deskilling underskilling, demotivation, disruption and misery then they need help from government to produce the same effect to greater excess with overseas workers instead.

Upside Down Culture

Our culture is upside down. The most damaging and destructive behaviours encouraged and rewarded. The most constructive and helpful behaviours are discouraged and decimated. The actions to ensure quality of life is lowered. It is becoming more and more aggressive both here and everywhere else.

The people who want this seem to be so oblivious to the fact that it damages their quality of life as well. They seem to think it is all about maximising differentials in power, wealth, influence, status and control, rather than about improvements in absolute quality of life for all.

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