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IT Contractor Facebook Page
IT Contractor Facebook Page - News and Advice for IT Contractors

ITContractor Facebook Group

Join the ITContractor Facebook Group and get ahead of the game and get all the articles into your email box pretty much instantly as soon as they have been loaded up onto

This is the Information Age and those with access to the latest and best information will have an advantage over those that don’t.

If there is a major change in IR35 or tax legislation or information is posted about the latest rates or the best sectors of the market to be in then it is best to know this as soon as possible.

Let the information come to you rather than you going searching for it.

Events Affecting IT Contractors

Unless you are monitoring contractor websites all the time you may miss out on important events that affect IT Contractors.

They say that there are three types of people in this life. There are those people that make things happen. There are those people that things happen to. Finally, there are those who say “what happened?”

As regards the IT Contracting market, anyway, you won’t be in the third category if you follow on Facebook.

It makes you less at risk if you do.

IT Contracting is a risky enough business as it is, so the more that you can cut your risks the better off you will be.

After that, it’s up to you whether you make yourself category 1 or category 2.

Changes Affecting IT Contractors

There are some important changes coming up that could affect IT Contractors severely.

Be ahead of the game and not playing catch-up. Know about events that will affect IT contractors before they happen and not afterwards.

Don’t be one if those saying “What happened?”

Join Facebook Discussions

You can join up to the ITContractor Facebook Group here and take part in discussions etc.

Click on Facebook

Join also our group that will have information about Umbrella Companies here which you can add to Umbrella Company Facebook



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